Cleaning and maintaining your carpets and upholstery not only leaves them looking like new but can extend the life of them significantly.  Using our three step system B&I Cleaning Solutions leave your carpets and upholstery looking fantastic and can brighten up your tired looking room.  We recommend that carpets and upholstery are deep cleaned on a regular basis to not only prolong their life but remove unwanted dirt and odours.



Carpets create a warm and cozy feel in your home.  As a central feature in your home, carpets can soon look dirty and worn.  Carpets can hide allergens, pet dander and dirt which household cleaning cannot remove.  Regular professional cleaning is necessary to keep your home clean and our customers regularly tell us that "prevention is better than the cure" so call B&I Cleaning Solutions today on 01472 870168 or 07851 118494.

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